Texas Hold’em Poker Gameplay and Rules

Texas Hold’em Poker Gameplay and Rules

Poker is a game you can learn in a few minutes if you read the rules. The only thing which will take years is to master the art of playing it with the professionals. Knowing how a round works in a casino and how you can flip the round in your advantage can help you become a pro. Texas hold’em poker certainly the easiest to learn poker game and also the most played คา สิ โน สด game around the world. You can always find players playing at live games as well as online tables. Here is how you play Texas hold’em poker.

The Gameplay

A dealer distributes two cards to each player at the table. A table can consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5-9 players in around. These two cards are called pocket cards and should not be revealed to anyone before the round ends. The dealer then reveals 5 cards on the table in three rounds which are called the community cards. Each player can use these cards to make a five-card combination, and the one with the best combination wins the round. The first three cards shown on the table are called the flop. The next card is a turn, and the last card, the river.

Here is a list of the hands you can make from the strongest to the least strong hands in poker.

Royal flush – Five cards of the combination same suit in a sequence. The royal flush is a straight flush with the biggest cards in a pack (A,K,Q,J,10).

Straight flush – Five cards of the combination in the same suit in a sequence is the next big hand.

Four of a kind – Four cards of the same face value irrespective of what the fifth card is.

Full house – A colourful hand with three cards of the same face value and the rest two cards of different same face value.

Flush – A hand of five cards of the same suit but not in a sequence is called a flush.

Straight – A hand of five cards in a sequence irrespective of what suit they belong to is called a straight and is next big hand.


Three of a kind – A hand which contains three cards of the same face value and two other cards of different values and suits.

Two pairs – Two pairs is self-explanatory. It is when a player makes two pairs of the same face value with the fifth card of a different value.

One pair – A pair is a combination of just one pair and other three cards of different face values and suits.

When none of these sequences shows up, then the player with the best highest card wins the round 96ace. The highest card in poker games is an ACE(A).

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