Table manners of casino games

Table manners of casino games

  1. Be polite. While at a casino, there’s some basic etiquette to follow.  A courteous greeting and a polite ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are well appreciated while talking to fellow players and the staff, including the waitress and dealer.
  2. Stay seated. Once you’re at a table playing, do not keep leaving your seat over and over again to keep from distracting other players, the game and the dealer. If you want a drink, place your order with the waitresses who will be present doing rounds perhentian island to serve drinks to the players.
  3. Never hand money to the dealer. This will interrupt the dealer in their routine. While buying chips, lay your cash on the table in front of you as you sit down. The dealer will catch sight of it and change it into chips as he/she announces the amount. Always be aware of the minimum and maximum bets of each table displayed on the boards to avoid any embarrassment as they usually differ.


  1. Wait your turn to receive your chips. The dealer knows the right order of distribution, and it is standard etiquette not to try to grab your chips before everyone else before you have received theirs first.
  2. Don’t drink too much. Pace yourself while you drink and do not end up drunk and causing a nuisance to the other players and the dealer making it a lousy experience to everyone involved including yourself. The drinks are meant to keep the casino a fun playground for adults to have a good time and relax.
  3. Admit your defeat graciously. Don’t throw a tantrum no matter how frustrating the loss may be. Even non-verbal actions such as throwing away the cards or storming away from the table will likely not be received well either by both the players and the establishment Summerbay Resort, making you not welcome as a guest.
  4. Do not use your phone at the table. Not only is it highly distracting and rude to the players to be on a call while playing, it is also a matter of security to fiddle with your phone while playing. Typically, the dealer will have you switch your phone off to avoid cheating, to ensure no critical information is being passed through phones and that there is no recording of the games in the casino.
  5. Maintain your chips in a neat pile. Having your chips in a neat pile helps maintain clarity and the other players will know what you have. It helps keep things transparent. A messy pile will lead to other players suspecting you of foul play.


  1. Don’t try to advise someone else on their strategy. No one should have an unpleasant experience because of another player’s behaviour and berating or reacting to the way a person plays their hand is guaranteed to make their experience less than pleasant.
  2. Tip the dealer. A dollar on every small win or a $5/10 when leaving the table is a standard tip to express your gratitude to the dealer.

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