Introduction To Online Poker Games In India

Introduction To Online Poker Games In India

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Poker is a very addicting card game mixed with entertainment, a lot of luck, and involvement of immense skills and knowledge in the long run. Often considered as gambling, online poker games have now become an income-generating source for many youths and business groups. Earlier it was just played for pleasure but with the development lotto 4d results of the online casinos, the game became commercially popular as well. 

Many online poker platforms have been organized in India, generating huge popularity and demand in the Indian youths.

Popularity Of Online Poker Game In India

  • Online poker sites are the choice of every adrenaline freak who loves luck and skill-based game. The demand and popularity of online poker platforms are very high in the Indian market as one can comfortably play it in android or PC without any extra setup.


  • The availability of affordable and high-speed internet has also lead to the marketing and spread of online poker games in almost every house of India. It has become reachable to every person and thus every youth is attracted to online poker. 


  • Online poker platforms are popular in every segment of Indian society. Men, women, teens, and various people from the states of India come together and compete domestically. Even the women players are learning advanced techniques of the online poker game. 


  • Many intellectual and professional people like MBAs, engineers, lawyers, business tycoons, etc. pursue online poker as a full-time profession. They earn currency from online real-money poker sites by participating in international tournaments.


How To Play In Online Poker Sites?

Rising popularity and advertisements attract a lot of users toward various poker sites. But the questions arise- how do we enroll and play in online poker platforms? Let us answer this question and start playing online poker by following the given steps:

  1.   Choosing a reliable poker site
  • You should choose a reputable site by keeping your personal preferences in mind.
  • The site should be free from all kinds of fraudulent activities.
  • Do the research and read reviews about the site’s credibility, software, etc.
  1.   Set up your account
  • After choosing your desired link, click on the “sign-in” or “join now” option.
  • Fill your details like name, address, email address, contact number. 
  • Set a username and password for your account.
  • Read and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned.
  1. Downloading the software client

Some sites ask to download the software client. Click on download and wait for the next steps.

  1. Fund deposits

Choose your deposit method like:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Money transfer
  • E-wallet
  1. Choose a table and start playing

Select the cash table, pick your seat, and enter your cost of the buy.

You are ready for the game. Start playing the online game.

Legality Of Online Pokers In India

The legality of online poker varies from state to state. While in some areas it is considered legal, some state governments of Assam, Gujarat, don’t call poker legit. If played as a game of skill, poker is considered judicial and can be played without any license.

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